This site known as the Former Bernard Hastie site totalling 7.2 acres has been an extremely difficult site to unlock due to its many issues. These included - Historic Contamination, Access Issues, Archaeology, Local Historic Significance of Surrounding Area and Existing Buildings and has required continued persistence from PMG to finally achieve a successful outcome resulting today in the Reserved Matters Consent for 93 new residential units. Along with the new residential units, a complex deal was agreed with Swansea Council in order for the much needed new Morfa By-Pass to be constructed on part of the PMG site which has now also commenced. Redevelopment of this site will kick start Swansea Councils redevelopment plans for this area of the city. Our thanks goes to all those involved to help ensure a successful outcome here with particular thanks to the professional work from staff at Swansea's Planning and Highways Departments.